Droid does

Motorola Droid

I probably should have just titled this “Cynthia, don’t bother” or “Na-night time, sweetheart” since this post will probably earn me another “eh.. boring” like yesterdays. –grin- But I think I’ll stick with Droid does.

In December my Storm decided to start acting a little funky. Nothing serious, it just seemed like my key presses weren’t as accurate as they once were. Then I started getting random resets which honestly could have just meant I needed to do a rebuild but I decided to call Verizon. I got a really cool guy on the line who offered to send me a replacement. I told him that I was just a couple of weeks from my upgrade date. I said that I’d save them the money of shipping me another Storm if they’d move my date up and allow me to buy a Droid at my promotional pricing. The guy talked to his manager agreed and my journey with Droid began.

I had been spoiled by my BlackBerry and I honestly wondered if I would be able to make the switch after having gotten used to my Storm. As it turns out the switch wasn’t as difficult as it could have been if not for the Android Marketplace. The iPhone has iTunes. The Droid and other Android handsets have Android Marketplace.

I had tried to setup my work email on the phone, which was the whole reason I got a BlackBerry to begin with. It didn’t work. I goofed with every setting I could think of and even copied the settings BlackBerry used. No go. It turns out that my company uses a certificate to authenticate and that the Droid doesn’t have built in support for mail servers that utilize certificates. Blah blah. Boring. Boring. I ended up finding an application that does called TouchDown. It was $20, which is steep, but it did exactly what I wanted/needed to do and that left me with a phone that could now be used for personal stuff.. and that’s where the fun has been.

You may have seen the commercials where Verizon blasts iPhone with a series of claims iDon’t multitask. iDon’t customize. etc. The conclusion of that commercial is “Everything that iDon’t, Droid does”. And while I’ve never had an iPhone, I have friends with them and have heard some of those complaints. But let me tell you about my day today with my Droid.

Today was my first day in the office this year. I work from home a lot and so today was the first day my phone was going to be essential to my ‘away from home’ entertainment.

I looked at my phone before I went out to meet my co-worker today. There is a WeatherBug app installed that displays my temperature at the top of the screen.

My phone beeped and told me I had 6 new Facebook friend requests. They are still coming in from yesterday’s pimping.

Then I remembered there was application I wanted to try but the link was on a webpage. I went out to the website, copied the text, pasted it into my address bar and installed the application right from my web browser.

Then a message scrolls across the top of my phone. It’s a txt msg from Cynthia. A friend is getting rid of his Tivo. I send him a message via Facebook on my phone. He agrees to meet me tomorrow to sell me his Tivo. Great timing considering ours died yesterday! =(

I decide to thank another friend for an application he told me about. I go to my Browser application and it displays the website beautifully. Much nicer than my Storm did and better too than the iPod Touch did. When I checked his history, at the site, he hadn’t been there today. I decided to check IRC.

IRC is internet relay chat. It’s a chat room. So I pop open my Android IRC app and check the chat room. Not there either, but I got to try another new application. This is awesome.

Then I get an email from Cynthia. She wants me to check out this picture she took and played with in Photoshop. My phone brings up the picture in stunning clarity. I’m able to critique the picture on the spot and email her back my opinion from the Gmail application on the phone.

Then I got another Facebook friend request, approved it and opened up Mafia Wars (on my phone!) and approved all of the requests to join my Mafia.

All the while, I’m getting my work mail and meeting requests via Touchdown Pro.

Oh my way home I got a text message that Cynthia had tweeted. I decided to open it in my copy of Twidroid Pro. A twitter client. While I was there I checked out what my friends on Sesame Street were doing as well as the latest tweets of a few other celebrities.

As I was typing this, WeatherBug on my phone just chirped to let me know there is a Winter Weather Advisory for my area tomorrow from Noon to 7am Friday. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to be driving during those hours.

And while this may sound like a gushing love note – and it mostly is – there are some pretty disheartening low points. For me anyway.

The physical keyboard is too compact for my fingers. Now luckily I’m used to virtual keyboards thanks to my Storm and Droid’s virtual keyboard is fantastic. It’s as easy to use as the virtual keyboard on the iPod Touch.

And then there is the camera which may take great pictures outside (I haven’t tried yet) completely sucks inside. For a 5 megapixel camera I expected more. I would have settled for what I had on my Storm, but honestly I think my LG enV may have taken better pictures. You’ve got to be fast to compete with 2-year-olds and it seems like everything is blurry and grainy. If you want your phone to double as a camera… keep looking.

But those things aside. I actually love my phone. It’s actually the first device I’ve actually thought I might hold onto after the renewal period. Now perhaps by then the Droid 3 will be out and I’ll want that. But right now Droid has me firm in it’s tinny grasp and I’m not exactly looking for the exits. This phone does everything I hoped it would and then a few things I didn’t know I wanted it to do.

I really really like my phone.

Love’s horizon continues to expand

Two years ago today my heart found out there were no boundaries. Loves horizon continues to expand.

I wrote that today on Facebook and it surprised even me. I liked it so much I twittered it. Then I decided to use part of it as a title of the blog.

My baby girls turned two today. I’m not going to detail the party or the presents that superficial stuff can wait for a later post. Maybe tomorrow. Today I want to focus on something that means a whole lot more than that stuff ever will. How much I love the two beauties currently asleep in their cribs.

I can still remember standing in that operating room and looking over the curtain at those babies like it was yesterday. I had no clue at the time that I had just met the unquestionable loves of my life.

Cynthia and I love each other very much. But we can both acknowledge that that love is not unconditional. I could blow it. She could blow it. One of us could do something that would alter the others feelings irreparably. Our children? Not so much. Our kids are the closest thing we’ll know to God’s definition of love on this earth. You’ve probably heard the definition a few times. It’s used at weddings quite frequently. I’m talking about 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. (ESV)

And so it is with our children. We may not always be the picture of patience. We may occasionally insist on things being our way. But as it relates to our children: Love never ends.

And it is the depth of that love that I marvel over today. I don’t yet look into their little faces and wonder what they’ll be. For the time being I’m content with them just being daddy’s girls. Instead I lose myself in their little personalities and quirks.

Addison is our emotional fireball. She has a very sweet demeanor but those angel’s dimples hide a fierce temper. Maybe it’s the terrible two’s or maybe she lacks patience and if we can’t identify her desire right out of the gate she melts down. And when she does it’s fully committed and potentially a bit frightening. You sometimes wonder if she’s going to do herself harm. She throws herself in one direction or the other with absolutely no regard for what she’s about to slam her head into. Walls? Floors? Other people? No matter. But when she’s happy and she’s flashing those dimples you forget those episodes. She is the lover of the bunch. She likes to cuddle. She likes hugs and giving kisses.

Samantha is our strong willed child. She has tomboy tendencies. She loves to wrestle with Josh. And she’s daring, perhaps to a fault. She doesn’t hesitate for a minute to jump off of our couch onto the floor. She’s also tossed herself off of our bed that is just as tall as she is. That child knows no fear. Like I said she’s very independent. She wants to try and put her own clothes on. She’s very interested in being helpful. She’s the only two year old I’ve heard of that finishes eating, takes her plate to the sink, throws her garbage away and then asks for a wipe to wash her face in the mirror. Without prompting! She isn’t going to allow you to get too mushy with her. More than a quick hug and a peck will get you a hand in your face or a shove. But that only makes the rare moments when she does want to lay in your lap and snuggle all the more meaningful.

And each day brings more revelations. Each day they find a way to write a new sentence in their “about me” pages. And each day they find a way to scratch out a sentence I’d already written. In fact, by the time you read this. Addison may be pushing away from hugs while Samantha seeks them out. In any case, each day is a miracle in itself to behold. I feel so incredibly blessed to do a job that has allowed me to spend so much of their early lives with them.

I never in a million years would have guessed that I’d find so much joy in the care giving of someone else. I never guessed I’d look forward to an episode of Sesame Street. But that’s when they want to settle back in your lap for an hour. I know I need to take every opportunity now because it won’t be long and they’ll want nothing to do with me. And they’ll never guess how much that’ll break my heart. And I’ve already told Cynthia, I hope they understand that I won’t give them away at their weddings. They’re mine and they always will be. Daddy’s girls. No other guy’s girl.

And I know that’ll have to change. But hey… my horizons are still expanding.