So I guess I’m reading again

I used to read all the time. It was no big deal for me to visit a bookstore once or more a week at one point. I got my nook and since then it seems like I’ve been reading a lot more lately. It’s hard to read anywhere close to as much as I used to due to have responsibilities beyond paying my bills on time, but I’m still happy about the fact that I made it all the way through The Stand is roughly a month in a half. That bad boy was 1100+ pages. And for the record, I thought it was pretty good. In fact, I left a review over at and it’s on my blog right now. No spoilers, naturally.

Today I picked up my ARC copy of The Wake of Forgiveness and am already 84 pages in. So far it’s a pretty good story. I mean, I have to keep reminding myself of the years the story takes place. It’s a little hard for me to imagine 1910 or 1920 something. So I find myself imaging a scene and then they mention lighting a lantern to check out a noise and I’m like, oh yeah – no flashlight. Or they are in their house and mention lighting the stove to heat the house and I go – oh yeah, I guess they mentioned them being cold and I just assumed they were outside. If I do have a complaint about this book so far it’s that the writer writes in these ridiculous run-on sentences. I’ve literally noticed a single paragraph in the book that was once sentence long. And it’s not like it was a short paragraph. It was five lines of text on the page. Not like I’m fit to critique anyone’s grammar but still!


  • Nothing was on TV tonight so I decided we’d give the TV show Dexter a shot. My Xbox RROD’d about 15-20 minutes into the show. If the Xbox doesn’t recover I’ll be able to say that a serial killer killed my Xbox.
  • Addison has been pretty bossy lately and had been adding “RIIIGHT NOW!” to the ends of her sentences. This is sometimes hysterical. Today we heard “You don’t hit-uh me, riiight NOW!!”
  • Samantha continues to do whatever she darn well pleases. She decides she wants a cup of water, she’ll go the dishwasher, grab a cup, go the fridge, get some water, add some ice and give you a dirty look and growl when you tell her no. It’s a lot of fun bit frustrating.
  • I’m working on being more patient when Josh and I are practicing his reading. It’s hard when I’ve taught him a word several times and yet each time he comes across the word it’s like he’s never seen it before. Still, I’m trying to not make it harder on him. That’s a work in progress.
  • Cynthia’s computer is driving me bat shit crazy with it’s frequent blue screens. I swear I have diagnosed and treated at least six problems that would absolutely cause that to happen. So far I fix one problem and it seems another rears its head. On the bright side, I’m getting to press into Windows 7 troubleshooting. And it’s been a while since I’ve done a deep dive into anything so I guess it isn’t so bad. Except for Cynthia who probably thinks I don’t know as much as she originally thought I did.